Monday, May 22, 2017

It's Getting REAL with Rodan + Fields

My R+F Story
Are You a Granola Bar or a Granola Cup?

I started my R+F Biz in October.  This week, I'm celebrating my team!  I have a team!!  In a nutshell, I love this biz for 2 reasons:
  • I'm sharing products that WORK
  • I'm building a team who I can work with to coach to success! 
Here is what R+F is NOT
  • You do NOT just sponsor people and make money just for doing that.  It's way more than that, for a very good reason.
  • It's NOT some illegal pyramid scheme where you have no product, no support, and no credibility. 
On the contrary....
You enjoy compensation based on sponsoring Preferred Customers and building a personal team who you sponsor and coach to success.  It is a completely mutually beneficial relationship.  Really!  There are not many places of employment where if someone at your company gets promoted, you are ALSO getting promoted.  With R+F, there are no bottom feeders.  We all work together.  I don't know how many friends and family I have spoken to who express frustration about their place of employment, their supervisor or their coworkers.  No raises, no support, no deserved compensation for hard work. Being your own CEO is definitely the way to go.  There is NONE of that in this corporation! Just support, hard work mixed with fun, kicking back with a  cup of coffee and my children around me and making great connections with great people in order to help them get into their BEST skin EVER!

Therefore, I want to invite you to my team's Business Launch Event happening virtually this Wednesday night! I added it to my FB From Teacher to Mom page. You can find it over there! 

My biz is taking off and I want you along for the ride.  I am ready to be a coach and a cheerleader for you to change your life and make things happen that you didn't know were even possible. Listen, I could just be talking about my skin here, if nothing else!  I have been insecure about my acne and my face and my complexion my whole life.  Not any more thanks to R+F.  The possibilities are endless for me now, with improved confidence and belief.  I LOVE doing that for my customers and business partners! Business aside, the skincare works.  We're #1 for a reason.

I just saw a friend's post on FB where he said that his daughter asked what a hyphen is.  He said "It's the little line between your birth and death date...meaning it's your life; and, most people's lives are like a hyphen because they are flat and boring."

This encapsulates my entire philosophy of my R+F business. I'm done feeling like a hyphen and I'm ready to go places. The funny thing is, most people who know me would NEVER think my life was like a hyphen, but since I started my biz, I have surprised myself in ways I never knew were possible.  Sales?? Are you kidding me??? Direct sales??? I'm passionate about selling things?  ACTUALLY NO.  Here's what I am passionate about...

I'm passionate about SHARING products that work and building a team with a company that changes lives.  THAT'S what I'm passionate about. 

So jump on board with me and together we'll spice up that hyphen in between our birth and death dates.  Mine looks like this  1973-      .   Can you see it?  There is A LOT going on there in that hyphen and the blank space after it. 

Join me in BIZ this month one the BBL Kit or the RFx Kit and receive a FREE Active Hydration Serum as my gift for getting started on a journey that will have many more gifts to come!

Here's my WHY.  My family.  What is your WHY?  Dig deep.  I know it's good.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

What can you do in 5 years?

Well, this is John.  5 Years of absolute love, joy, bliss and family!  I think I get a little more emotional when each of my children hit their 5th birthday.  Well, what am I saying, I get emotional with every birthday!!  But there is something about 5 years old.  5!!  Maybe because I am a teacher and I always think in terms of education, like officially starting school.  Kindergarten.  Child development.  Stuff like that.  Or I may just find it easier to count by fives.

Here's the thing....think about how much happens in the first 5 years of a child's life!  Look at those pictures above!!  Really look.  Change, change, change.  I don't need to list them all.  Developmental milestones from birth to age 5 are nothing short of miraculous!

Now think about any 5 years of your life.  Any time frame.  I am thinking of the 5 years I taught in public school.  So much happened for me professionally, personally, spiritually.  When I lived in Maryland from 2000-2005, so much happened in my life.  What about for you? What is the 5 year chunk of time that you remember most. 

What about the NEXT 5 years? How much can you accomplish?  What are your dreams, goals, struggles, plans?  Life is such a journey.  Watching my children grow is one of the most painfully and emotionally obvious examples of this journey of life.  No Facebook post, no picture, no blogpost, no birthday party will every freeze time.  We may want it to, in the back of our minds, though.

So let's embrace every second.  We don't know what tomorrow brings.  Let's enjoy every minute we have with our families and loved ones and ourselves!

Watching my children have birthdays is so bittersweet.  The memory of holding them for the first time is embedded in my brain...the beautiful moment of each of their home births. 

There are so many beautiful moments mixed in with all the crazy hard ones!!  But I hope you can see all of those beautiful moments and experience many more of them in the next 5 years.