Saturday, October 29, 2016

Rodan + Fields: An Invitation and a Story

I just never know what is going to happen next.  I think that is what keeps things exciting.  There are VERY few things I get as excited about as the topics of motherhood and education.

BUT, I actually found something that gives me that same excited, overwhelming interest and confidence that education and motherhood brings to me. 

So I decided to become a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant after months of using their products and years and years of using a product developed by them (that they have since sold all rights to), Proactiv Solution.  As soon as I found out they had a new line of skin care under the name Rodan + Fields, I HAD to get in on it. 

I have struggled with acne my whole life.  From puberty right up to my wedding day and beyond!  (I'm like the Buzz Lightyear of acne...I'm going to have bad skin "to infinity, and beyond!!"  I think I had a zit when I was born, I'll have to ask my sister)  My self esteem was tied up in this.  I think my self esteem became MUCH worse when I started working with children.  Yes, children can be brutally honest, as we all know.  I would get comments like, "What is that red stuff on your face?" and "What are those bumps?"  Sigh.  It just really made for hard time for me, to say the least.  My friend this week just told me, "you're really hard on yourself, Lorraine" (when I was telling her about my wedding day and how upset I was with all the cystic acne on my face and neck).  And that is the truth, the plain truth. 

However, I think so many of us are hard on ourselves and we just don't talk about it as much.  Being a Rodan + Fields Consultant helps me to do just that.  Talk to people about their feelings about their skin, their appearance, their goals.  Do you make YouTube videos and don't put your face in the camera so much because of your skin?  Are you a business person who could use an extra boost in confidence to sign on that new client?  Are you a guy who doesn't want to admit that you'd like a smoother shave?

In my case, I'm an exhausted mother/foster parent who was sitting in the waiting room of the car place waiting for an oil change so I decided to take my before picture.  I could see the bags under my eyes, no make up, and had to get up early and leave the house in a hurry.  I remember when taking that first picture thinking, "wow, this is sooo depressing! I have bags under my eyes and I look so tired."  But then thinking, "Aw, who cares, I am a wife and mother at a car place...whatever."  I mean, I wasn't even in the adult waiting room.  I just sit off in the corner in the kids waiting room playing in the play kitchen and watching Disney channel.  

However, since using Rodan + Fields products, I have realized my skin and my mood and confidence deserve much more than a shrug and a "whatever!".  So what if I am tired, don't live with my husband (due to his job location), and home educate so I can keep my pajamas on all day. 

HA!  That just made me laugh out loud.  Seriously.

I have been wanting to do LIVE lessons on FB for a while and now I finally have the confidence to do it.  I can just smile right into the camera, go live and talk about what I love to do...teach,  family life, and laughter. 

So THAT is the story. 

Now HERE is the invitation...

LOVE my invitation to my launch party next week.  I have the BEST consultant/mentor who brought me on board and she put the finishing touches on it for me!  Come on over!  If you can't make it, I am taking appointments, as well, for during the appointments and in person appointments.

Setting up for the first of MANY R + F appointments!

Before and After Pictures

This is before and after of using one Acute Care Strip and several uses of the Amp MD Roller.  That one noticeable line coming out of my eye is actually a scar from a life threatening car accident I had in 1999.  The only visible mark from that accident.  Well, as I age, it is starting to look more and more like a sagging wrinkle!  The acute care strips and the Amp MD Roller are perfect for this! Made such a difference after only one use.  Not to mention, as my 9 year old pointed out, the other wrinkles around my eye have smoothed out, as well. :)

One round of Unblemish Regimen from March to June.  Then on to the Reverse regimen to turn back the decades of sun damage from June to October of this year.  I am using the eye cream, as well, and what a difference it makes with those dark spots and lines.  The pics from April and June are taken right there in the same chair at the car place while I was waiting on my oil change.  The October pic was taken this month standing under the same kind of lighting.  You can really see how the redness, uneven color and bumpiness really smoothed out and brightened up. 

And this is my favorite product right now....Lash Boost!  Look at the above flyer for a special offer and my info at the bottom.  I have been using Lash Boost for 2 weeks already and I love it.  I don't what can be more pampering than getting right down to every detail on your face and conditioning and strengthening your own lashes to have them appear longer, darker and fuller after only 4-8 weeks of use! 

SO, no matter what your passion, tap into something new and go for it!  Take chances, be confident and give me a call so we can talk about it!  I want to change your life from the outside in.  I want to help you tap into your confidence in a new and different way.  Rodan + Fields is not a cosmetic company trying to sell you foundations, make up products and endless ways to cover up your natural beauty. 

I can get on board with that any day.  What an example I give to my children that you don't need to cover up natural beauty in order to be beautiful.  You don't need to cake on make up just to leave the house.  The expression lines on your face are real and they have stories...but the stories are what we want to focus on, not just the physical signs of aging on our skin! 

Go make your stories and no matter what you look like, embrace it all!  There is always something around the corner waiting to make you smile, if you just go along for the ride and open those gorgeous eyes of yours...

Who knows, maybe you'll have a Facebook LIVE story or YouTube video to share about it.  I can't wait to tune in!


  1. Thanks for such honest sharing! This skincare line looks amazing....and taking care of ourselves is so important. As mothers, we do too little of it, and that is a bad example! Best of luck in this new venture, and I will share this with many friends!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for your supportive and insightful input!!

  2. Wow! This looks fabulous! I really hate getting new wrinkles... What a wonderful new business adventure! Thanks for sharing! Love, Joanna

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Joanna! Yes, the new wrinkles are no fun lol. Thanks so R + F we can age gracefully now and turn back that clock!