Sunday, January 8, 2017

Business News- Rodan + Fields- Are you a Granola Bar or a Granola Cup?

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I'm doing with my life what Nature Valley did with their granola bars. 


Ok, just bear with me.   

I was in Costco on Friday and loving all the demo sample items.  Yum. 


So one of the items on demo was this tasty granola cup.  Really, I couldn't believe it!  Look at this thing! It's a boring old granola bar on steroids.  It's genius.  It makes me feel happy.  How long have Nature Valley granola bars been around?  A LONG time. 

Well, how long have I been around?  A LONG time. 

Are Nature Valley granola bars boring?  YES. 
Are Nature Valley granola CUPS exciting?  YES! 

Have I ever lived like a boring granola bar?  YES!
This is me living like a boring granola bar.
Do I want to spice things up and reinvent my boring old self like maybe add some almond butter, change my shape and sprinkle some crushed almonds on top?  YES.

This is me living like a Nature Valley Granola CUP. 

Thanks to Rodan + Fields Skin Care regimens, my skin is morphing back to look younger.  Look at John and I!  My skin is lightening and brightening and my lashes are appearing darker and longer.  Awwww, John.  He even touches my face more because it is so smooth. 

I told my husband, when I was putting the granola cups away when I got home, "I am going to do with my life what Nature Valley did with this granola bar.  Look at this thing! It's genius.  I'm going to change things up just like this granola bar. I'm done with the same old, same old whatever!"  He looked at me kind of strange (as he usually does when I open my mouth to talk), but I think I did notice him raise an eyebrow. 

He knew I was talking about my new Rodan + Fields business. 

So here is the situation.  All through life we have countless opportunities to stay with the norm or to challenge ourselves.  With Rodan + Fields, I want to challenge myself.  I believe in the products.  I love the business.  I love people.  I love life changing opportunities.  I don't want to be BORING. 

I love sharing the products that have brought renewed enthusiasm and confidence to my life.  I have never been confident about my appearance, specifically my skin.  I have always had issues with it.  Now, as I head further into my 40s, I can smile more confidently, look people in the eye more confidently, and share with others more confidently...all the while making money and spending time with my children at home.  It's a win win!  And Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields could have just sold their products like they did with Proactiv Solution...infomercials and stores.  BUT, they set up their business so that you and I can share it with others and tap into our entrepreneurial spirit and make better lives for each other and our families through income producing activity from home.

SOOOOOO,  wait for it... is time for some TEAM BUILDING.  Who's IN????? 

I'm looking for team members who will jump on board and take the leap that I took.  I'm having a blast and I'm ready to grow.  Yes, I already GLOW, but now I want to GROW! 

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you are going to work til you die." Warren Buffett

Let's take care of our skin in 2017!


  1. Great post!! So glad you're a part of the team!! ❤️
    -Ashley Vance

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and yes, me too! So excited to give back and make change for the good with R + F. Oh and my 9 year old son, Emmett, wants me to tell you that he loves the lip serum. He said it is really good, almost instant relief. LOL so cute. He supports my business!

  2. I love this perspective! So glad I said yes to the R+F opportunity, and hope other smart cookies will join us. (Or should I say, other smart granola cups?!)

    1. I love this Lisa! Yes we are very smart cookies...I mean granola cups!