Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lunchables Revisited

A new school year is here...

And we all know what that means...more dang FOOD!!  Feed the children, feed the children and then feed the children.  I know my children are growing up because I have noticed that now some of the only times I see them during the day is when they want to hug me...OOPS..  I mean, when they are hungry.

So if you click here, you will see the inspiration for today's post.

I decided to try it and boy, does it make sense.  I mean, I don't know what my problem is with preparing food for my family.  Every day at meal time I literally act surprised that they need to eat.  I see one of them in the kitchen and I am shocked.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE???  Why are you so interested in this room and especially this big tall box-like cabinet with the two doors that has cold things in it?  I know it looks different than the big brown cabinets, right? And it is so inviting!  And there is CHEESE in this cold box!  CHEEEESE!!   Close the door!!!   You are wasting electricity!  sigh

It doesn't take a psychologist to figure out that I may have an unresolved issue from my childhood having to do with standing in front of the fridge while staring and holding the door open.

When I wake up in the morning, the only thing I think about is my coffee.

That is probably not good.

I actually beat myself up and feel like a child abuser if I give my children cereal more than 2 mornings a week.


So about lunch...

My family and I went to Costco today.  Ahhh... I could do a separate post about Costco.  However, let me just say there that it is my favorite family outing.  That is embarrassing to say, but it IS!  I think I am just happy to have enough people in my family to make bulk shopping beneficial.

So we got home with all of our gigantic purchases and we immediately started unloading.  I take most everything out of the cardboard and have the children help me put things away.  For example, the four bottles of Lysol toilet bowl cleaner... Emmett put one in each bathroom.  Works great!  (well, there is still one here on the chair in the kitchen, I will get that upstairs later)

Now to divy up all the snacks and lunch food.  I took the blogger's advice from the link above and Emmett and I started counting 20 bags of everything.  4 children times 5 days of lunch.

Dry, non-refrigerated food for lunches.  In this basket is pineapple fruit cups, strawberry fruit squeezes, granola bars, honey wheat pretzel twists, homemade kettle corn, goldfish and craisins.

Refrigerated lunch items are cheese, turkey breast, Gogurts, carrot sticks and hard boiled eggs.

I love my egg cooker.  This was one of my gifts on my first Christmas with George. :)  I recommend the egg cooker.  I pre-peeled the eggs which will make it much easier to grab and go.

Like I said above, things from Costco are gigantic.  Including this churro.  It is about as tall as John.  Notice the little piece in his right hand.  He wanted nothing to do with the little piece I broke off for him, so I just threw the whole thing back to him and he was quite content.  

We shall see how this week goes.  We just finished our family meeting during which we discussed chore lists, responsibilities, appointments and schedules for the week.  I also walked the children through the lunch set up and they seem pleased.  

Have a great week everyone!  Whether you have started school already or are waiting til labor day like us, or if you start tomorrow, have a great school year!  

Oh, and don't be like me...

Remember that every day, come rain or shine, THREE MEALS!  

And a nice cup of coffee never hurts, either. 

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