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A child friendly explanation of how to understand separation from Dad during the week. Pinkie Day is a holiday in our house when we celebrate families and children who miss their mom or dad due to the sometimes unavoidable need to work away from home.  

What is Pinkie Day? 

How it All Began....

What a happy life we lived.  

Well, except for one, huge, miserable part.... 

my husband's job.  

It had to change.  

He absolutely HATED it.  The night we knew it had to change was the night he got home from work, collapsed on the couch and moaned in total defeat and frustration.  Wow.  That's another topic.  But suffice it to say there are many people who are mistreated in the work place. It is sad.  It should be talked about more.  

Just 5 miles away from home, but a dreaded drive to and from every day.... there had to be a change.  Seeing him so miserable is what taught me even more about love.  I realized I would do anything for him to be happy again.  

I told him the night we were discussing things that I would support him and our family no matter what he had to do to change jobs.

On the day of our third baby's birth, on May 14, 2012, we found out that George did not get the job he applied for that was closer to home.  Instead, two months later, he started his job at the VA Hospital in Richmond, VA.  A wonderful job for him to have, but away from home.  This meant one thing.  He had to stay there during the week.  No more long mornings home with the children and no more fun outings with Daddy during the week.  

July of 2012, Pinkie Day celebrations in our home began.  The very first time we were to say goodbye to Daddy for the week, Pinkie Day was born.  The children asked when they would see him again.  I was waiting in the background while he said goodbye to them...knowing that everything was going to be different for them from now on, and knowing this back and forth traveling is all our newborn baby would know of Daddy for some time to come...

In the back seat I saw a precious thing take place... 

Daddy connected with them on their level.  He explained to them in a way they could understand how long it would be before they saw him again.  He used a tangible picture for them to relate to, their own hand.  He held up his thumb and told them, "This is Monday."  Then held up his pointer finger, "This is Tuesday." and so on... He got to the pinkie and he said, "This is when I'm coming home...I'll see you on Pinkie Day."  Then he showed them on their own hands.  Their faces lit up and all of a sudden they relaxed and were able to understand just how long it would be until Daddy came home.  It meant so much to me as the one who would be staying home and caring for them during the week while he was at work.  It even made my job of keeping spirits up just a little easier.  They had Pinkie Day to look forward to!  Daddy would be coming home on Pinkie Day...

If your family has to be separated for any reason or any length of time, this blog is for you to share with your children.  Let them know they are not the only children who have to be away from a parent for whatever reason.  Emmett, Carmen and John are their "Pinkie Day Pals".  They will share ideas, thoughts, fun Pinkie Day celebrations, and things to do for Daddy on Pinkie Day.  Let's make a sad separation turn into an opportunity to show even more family love.  

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