Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Pettys in real life...

How many times do you see the actual truth on social media? I mean the real truth. Everything looks perfect when scrolling through Facebook. School pictures, smiling faces, fun activities, "Elf on a Shelf" (gag), cute videos and the list goes on. Well my post today will not include ALL that perfect stuff.

It is time for a little feature I like to call

The Pettys in real life...

Pinkie Day was yesterday. We took Pinkie Day on the road to see Daddy in Richmond. George had to work yesterday so I took it easy all day with the children and we headed out last night around five. It was a rainy and dreary evening. The children stayed up too late. Emmett and Carmen stayed up til 11:30 watching Star Wars Rebels with Daddy. I was bored and was too excited about blogging to enforce a bedtime.

So you can imagine that today was a bit rough because we were all so tired! Even my dear niece, who is finishing up her first semester in college, stayed up too late last night! She joined us for mass today and our Costco trip.

Let's start with mass...

I was disappointed to find out that a priest that I love is not even at that parish anymore.
Then mass started and John realized that he didn't have a drink. So all you heard echo through church was, "driiink, driiink" (in a whining, crying type voice) Then Carmen starts. She won't stand up when she is supposed to. She whines along with John in a highly audible and disgusted voice, "why do I have to stand up?" ugh. Then John starts messing with her dress and kicking her. Now I am thinking how the heck do I take them both out at the same time? That's a first.

I think at one point I was flailing around in exasperation in the pew waving my arms back and forth and huffing and puffing in distress all the while thinking no one noticed and that it was all happening in my head. It wasn't. At that moment, 6 pair of eyes from a very well behaved family simultaneously peered around at us from a couple of pews ahead. 
Well, George ended up taking John out. I gave him the silent look so he knew what to do. :) A few minutes later, it was adorable! The two of them walked back into the pew and had a wonderful time together the rest of the mass. They actually had to come to the pew in front of us because while they were gone, two ladies filled the pew. It was fun watching George and John in front of us, though. George was helping him and pointing things out on the altar. He was reminding him to put his hands together in prayer, it was so cute. John read books and was such a good little boy. Carmen got herself together mostly and it all ended up pretty good.

On to Krispy Kreme for donuts and coffee. The employees at that Krispy Kreme store are rude and grumpy. I don't want to go there anymore because of that . You are serving donuts and giving away free hats and balloons to children, people! Can you please crack a smile at least once? I don't mean to get all squeaky and overly happy like some zealous Chik Fil A employees I know, but a SLIGHT smile is not asking too much.

Next, it is time for Costco. Now my plantar fasciitis is acting up so much that I am not even looking forward to the free samples.

Say no more..

That was it. We just had to get my niece back to her dorm and get our stuff from the condo and go. We did just that and now I am home with my feet up and enjoying a roaring fire.

Here is real life. It was a bad couple of days. I wish I could have seen my husband more. I wish he could be home with us. I wish I enforced an earlier bedtime last night. However, a few minutes ago, my dear friend who has been in prison for the past 9 years called me like he normally does once a week. I found out that he has not been outside in the light of day and feel fresh air for three months now. Three months!

So the Pettys in real life may not have been that impressive or at their best this weekend.

But, you know what?

Life is good. Life is full. Life is a gift.   

Here are a few reasons why...

Carmen and John having a fun time in Costco

George made me my favorite bread from his sourdough reperotoire.  Cinnamon raisin.  And this particular loaf was special because it looks like a fish.  See it? 
The cover of a book Carmen made for Daddy and me when we got home. She put it in a box and came up to me with a proud and happy look on her face and said, "Merry Christmas, Mommy"
So that's that.  The Pettys in real life.  It could be worse.  Imagine not seeing the light of day for three months.  It could always be worse.  

Now if someone could teach the Krispy Kreme employees that so I could get a smile with my donut.

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