Thursday, December 5, 2013

Is Pinkie Day for you?

What is Pinkie Day?

Remember that Pinkie Day is a frame of reference for a child missing a parent.  It is a way for children to feel more secure about when Mommy or Daddy come home.  With that in mind, sometimes my husband doesn't come home every weekend.  Sometimes, he is away  for two weeks at a time.  In almost any situation, Pinkie Day can still be related to the child.  For example, if he comes home Saturday instead of Friday, still explain but say, "I'll see you the day after Pinkie Day."  This is still a great comfort.  Sometimes my husband, if he will be gone for two weeks, uses both hands to explain two weeks passing.  He says, "I'll see you in two Pinkie Days."  Another added perk is that this is also a great way to teach the days of the week!

If you are a military family, and your spouse is deployed, you could use Pinkie Day to help your child understand when he/she will talk on the phone or Skype.  If you are family who has a parent travel occasionally for business, you can use Pinkie Day, as well.  Just count down from the day Mom or Dad leaves and land on the pinkie for the return trip home.

Remember that no matter the situation, the two most important points of Pinkie Day are:

  • A frame of reference for time passing when Mommy or Daddy is gone for whatever reason
  • A celebration for the family upon return home
Please share this blog with others.  We are trying to find other families in similar situations so they can benefit from the Pinkie Day idea, as well.  Emmett, Carmen, and John would love to know there are other children out there who they can relate to about this.  They are excited about being "Pinkie Day Pals" to other children  who can relate.  Thank you!

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