Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm not a "plain" teacher anymore...Welcome to my blog

"Hi, I was a plain teacher and now I am not a plain teacher, I am a homeschooler teacher.  I had three babies named Emmett, Carmen and John.  Emmett is 6, Carmen is 5, and John is 1."

This is how my son Emmett suggested I start my blog. :)  Well, I think it's brilliant (no bias, of course!) so I thought I would oblige.  Yes, this basically sums it ALL up.  I am not a "plain" teacher anymore.  Moving in my career from being a public school teacher to getting married and starting a family is the most "UN plain" thing I have ever done in my life.

What a joy to not be looking at dusty dark hallways, cafeterias, old playgrounds and pulled shades every day like I did in my "other" life as a teacher. The view from the windows of my home/school speaks of fresh air, nature, all things beautiful, a loving family and devoted father who spends so much time making our yard beautiful.  It is inspirational to me to look out my window and it enhances my teaching experiences with my children.

The title of the blog speaks for itself.  Therefore, in this first post, I will not give you every interesting little fun fact about me.  Instead, you will have to keep checking back to find out more and more of these tasty morsels about my life experiences and teaching adventures.  Suffice it to say, for this welcome post, that I am ready to break out of my everyday life in my beautiful home atop the very summit of Waynesboro, VA.  After much encouragement from dear friends, I have decided to share my teaching nuggets of advice and wisdom to all who read and watch here.  I will share with you pictures, ideas, lessons, videos of lessons, links and all things related to teaching AND mothering in your home (or anywhere, for that matter).

From playing school in my basement as a child... to idolizing my teachers... to becoming a teacher myself... to ultimately making the seamless, dream-come-true transition to becoming a wife and mother, my role as a teacher has only been enhanced and fulfilled.

So look out cyber world, I can't stay quiet any longer...

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