Saturday, February 15, 2014

Daddy is Our Skyping Valentine

Daddy's home!!! Here is the video to prove it!! :)

Pinkie Day is here!  Hope you had a great Valentine's Day and have stayed safe and warm in the snow!  We had a great Valentine's Day and we are so happy that Daddy, OUR Valentine, is home for vacation.  After two long weeks, we are ready to have Daddy home for a whole week!  Poor Carmen has been counting the days on her fingers for two weeks.  She has been such a trooper.  No Pinkie Day last weekend because George had to to work and he was on call.  Occasionally this happens and boy is it tough.   

 When you have a parent that travels, you have to get used to a few different modes of communication.  Face-to-face contact becomes a luxury.  Here are things you may hear me saying on any given day:

Hold the phone to your ear
Wait for him to answer
Call Daddy and say goodnight
Speak up!  
Daddy can't hear you
Can you hear him? 
Did he hang up?
Look at Daddy on the screen
Mommy and Daddy love you no matter WHERE we are!

We have Skyped a lot and that is so great for the children. For Mom, not so much.  I am so self conscious I just keep checking myself in the camera.  I don't know where to look, don't know if he is looking at me and so on.  You get the point.  I'm a mess!! Actually, I do have to share that when I do see him on the screen, I just LOVE it!  I love to see his face!  That's a good thing.  I break out in silent song and channel Roberta Flack...The first tiiiiiiime, ever I saaaaaaaw your faaaaace.... 

John just LOVES seeing Daddy on the computer. It is really adorable.  Daddy sings "Ridin' On a Horsey" and John plays the game and falls down just as if Daddy was in the room.  

Emmett runs around the room and hides from the camera and giggles.  

Carmen starts to share everything she wants to share and it all begins like this..."Um, Daddy?"  It is cute.  

I like to watch George try to give them directions from the screen.  I wonder to myself, do they think they don't have to obey him because he is inside a computer program?  "Emmett, put that down.  This is Daddy, speaking from Skpye.  Don't make me come out of this screen!"  Sometimes I listen from out of the room and instigate a fight among the children to see how he would handle it. No, I am kidding about that.  Currently, I am working on an app that would allow him to change John's diaper from Skype.  Not having much success, though.  

Yes, communication has its challenges while one parent is away.  However, any communication is the KEY! I am so grateful to have such a supportive, communicative and loving husband.  It makes all the difference in the world.   

Speaking of communication, enough blogging and on to face-to-face time with my family!  Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by.  

Happy Valentine's Day!  Here the children are enjoying their Chik Fil A kid's meals for their Valentine's Day dinner. 

If this isn't a Chik Fil a ad for age 3 and under prizes, I don't what is.  John  loves Super Why on PBS.  When he saw he received a  Super Why board book in his meal, he was so happy!

OK, when John drinks chocolate milk, he is in this exact same position the until it is all gone.  Too cute!
This is the best picture I could get of John with the big heart sunglasses on. 
A good distraction while waiting for Pinkie Day was our 18 inches of snowfall the day before Valentine's Day!

All bundled up and ready to go outside and attack the snow!

This is what we saw upon opening our garage door on Thursday. :)

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