Monday, March 24, 2014

A Memorable Weekend

What a Pinkie Day weekend!  Well, I have decided to start posting AFTER Pinkie Day since then I will have more to say about our weekend!  We had an amazing weekend together as a family.  George took Emmett to VMI for a basketball game.  They had a great time.  As reported by George, Emmett jumped up gave a good ole fist pump when he saw a slam dunk.  So cute!  Meanwhile, Carmen, John and Mommy met a friend at the green way downtown and enjoyed a nice spring walk before the weather got colder today.

And Saturday evening, Carmen had her little dance recital that she has been practicing for all year!  I told a few people that I can't share the actual video of her dance because there are SO many still pictures from the performance and the performance was so short!  I have no idea how we got so many pictures from such a short little dance but we did it!

Lest you wonder why a doting parent would take so many pictures of one single, short event, here are some reasons for all the pictures:

  • Carmen is cute
  • Carmen is adorable
  • Carmen is happy
  • Carmen is adorable
  • Carmen is growing up fast
  • Carmen :)
Here in the Pinkie Day post, you will be treated to the actual video of her performance.  Frankly, I am too tired to figure out how to get all the pictures on this blog post right now!  

After the recital, George and I actually went on a date.  It was such a lovely evening.  George went to VMI 2 times that day because we went back to see the play. However, plans changed when we realized we'd be late so we stopped in and visited his old friends and it worked out great because we were there at intermission.  We also stopped at Walmart first to pick up food for the cast.  When George was in VMI theatre way back when, he used to have turkey, bread, sunchips, cokes and squeezable mayo.  That was the fare that evening.  It was fun to do that for them.  Then we just made it in time to the movie theatre to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  It was an adorable movie!  

Sunday, our poor little John was very ill and running a high fever.  Although, I was not happy he was ill, I did enjoy cuddling with him at mass and getting some time to relax on the couch while he was sleeping.  So glad George was home to help care for him and to keep me from panicking about how high his fever was. 

Having a sick child in our house goes something like this:


(long pause)

Lorraine.  Take his temperature again.  Go to the store and buy some children's ibuprofen and some pedialyte.

(a bit calmer) ok

Happy to report that John is doing much better now.  He really slept it off.  Poor little guy.  Thank God for my husband and his medical background.  If we both reacted like I did at a fever, then our children may just be taking care of us instead!  

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a great weekend with your family or whoever is important to you in your life.  

We are looking forward to this coming Pinkie Day when Daddy will be home for a whole week!  Ahhh....I like the sound of that.  

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