Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Pinkie Day Surprise

Happy Pinkie Day! 

Well, not really. We are actually NOT going to see Daddy this weekend.  He is busy working in Richmond and we are busy trying to not miss him too much.  We are distracting ourselves with adventures and fun news.  Are we in denial?? I think NOT!!  We are just doing what we gotta do!  

So this morning we started out at Chik Fil A celebrating Dr. Suess' birthday by eating breakfast and decorating a cookie in the theme of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
I read this story to them last night to get ready for Dr. Suess' birthday
Here they are decorating their cookie at Chik Fil A this morning.  John did a pretty good job, although he did start licking the icing right off the knife.

This afternoon we are going to the James Madison University Planetarium to see the Sesame Street family show.  JMU does great community outreach and I am so glad to have them as a resource for my young scientists!  You can like them on FB here.  Don't make the mistake I did and try to navigate the website.  They have more up to date information on their FB page.  

On a different note,  John is really getting used to Daddy coming and going now and it is very sweet to watch.  Right after John was born almost two years ago this May, George took the job in Richmond.  This is all John knows.  He knows Daddy coming and going.  

This past Monday, when George got his belongings ready to leave, John sat on his lap extra long and he interacted with him a little more right before he left.  George and I both commented that it was new of John to do this.  We could really see John starting to understand that when Daddy gets his backpack ready, that means he is going somewhere.  It was so sweet to watch!  John just sat on Daddy's lap and smiled as if to say, "I am going to spend as much time with this guy as possible before he goes."   Below, you can see two pictures of them together.  John asked to do Itsy Bitsy Spider and then there he is all smiles on Daddy's lap.  

And now to the Pinkie Day surprise.  Well, I decided to tell the children today that in one week, we will will be going to Myrtle Beach, SC for a week!  We have been invited by George's roommate to go to stay at his timeshare for the week.  We are going to have many adventures and wonderful learning experiences!  How neat is it that we have been observing the moon all of February and now we will see first hand how the moon affects the ocean tides!  This teacher is very excited for that!  

So this morning, I hid the three little sand toys you see in the picture.  I showed them the kids sunscreen and told them that I hid three things in the living room that go with the sunscreen.  They caught on fast!  Their faces were priceless when I told them.  

Have  great week, everyone! Thanks for stopping by.   Enjoy that family time no matter where you are!  

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