Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Mommy's Tired"

Well, you know that phrase you say to your children so often?  I know I do, anyway.  And I know I heard my mother say it to me when I was growing up and asking things like, "Mommy, can you...?"  "Mommy, will you...?"  And then I heard the response that I so often use now with my children.  It is...

 "I can't now, honey, Mommy's tired."


"Mommy just needs to sit down for a minute."


"Mommy has to clean the kitchen and then rest."

You get the idea.  Actually, WHY in the world do I refer to myself in the 3rd Person?  When I am talking to my husband and he asks me if I want to go to a play with him Saturday night, I don't say, "Sure, Lorraine would love to go.  Lorraine just needs to take a nap first."

I think referring to myself as "Mommy" to my children helps them when they are learning to talk so they can greatly identify with Mommy above all else and therefore make Mommy more tired in the future by saying my name (which is, "Mommy").  Or maybe it is just a subtle and subconscious way to sabotage myself and make myself more tired of hearing the word, "Mommy" over and over again.

So I decided to interview my children about how they can tell if Mommy is tired.  I am aware that the videos aren't that great, but like I have said, Mommy's tired.  I won't be doing a bunch of takes.

 I came up with this silly but telling video from Carmen. :)  Apparently, as she states at the end of the video, she is talking silly because her teeth are in front of each other. hmm.

I also interviewed Emmett.  Here is an excerpt.  You will also be treated to an April Fools joke.

Oh and I also make my 1 year old, John, "Bissell" for me because I am so tired. haha  I am a little disappointed with his work, he missed so many spots.  Ugh  (DISCLAIMER: This is purely an April Fools joke, he was just playing with it and I decided to add this to my blog in order to provide a little bit of humor and comic relief.)

Lastly, I want to share a video that my friend sent to me when I told her of how Carmen (back when she was just turning 5) started saying "Mommy" to me OVER and OVER.  As a little experiment, I would literally ignore her on purpose just to hear her keep saying it.  She would stare RIGHT at me and not move a muscle and just keep saying, "Mommy" until I responded.  Hence, this video...

(DISCLAIMER:  I don't endorse the show Family Guy.  I have actually never even seen a full episode.  I just think this clip is the most hysterical, spot on, exact feeling of what it is to me a mom when you're tired!)

The serious takeaway point from this post today is that when I finally lay down in bed at night and my head hits the pillow, I feel like I really accomplished something important that day.  I feel like it is the most worthwhile "tired" I have ever been in my life!  Now, I am comparing this to my single days of staying up late and goofing off or wasting away an entire Saturday by sleeping in, doing my nails and eating ice cream.  When I was single, I may have been a teacher, but on my off time, I was certainly no humanitarian.  I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  And that I did.  Sometimes on Saturdays, I still wake up and remember those times fondly.  Oh, and then right after that distant little memory, I am jolted to reality when I hear, "MOMMY! I have a wiggly tooth!"

What was I saying about being tired? Whatever it was, it can wait. I have to go wake up the Tooth Fairy and get a plan together.  She is tired, too.

Happy April Fools everyone!


  1. I was shopping and heard this coming from the next aisle. I turned the corner to see if this child was lost. It was a woman's ring tone. As she answered she said to me," My youngest is away at college." ~Lynda Bright

  2. That is so funny, Lynda! Her ringtone was actually, "Mommy's tired"? haha If my oldest is only 7, I can't imagine how tired I will be when the youngest is away at college! :) I am looking forward to all those adventures in between, though.