Wednesday, May 21, 2014

All Day Fun for $1

Cut a pool noodle in half and use it as a marble ramp.  

Click here   for the link to where I found the idea.  

The children just LOVE this.  We already had the marbles and I sliced the pool noodle in half with a bread knife.  I got the ice cube tray out for John and the other food storage thing.  Carmen noticed last week that John was having fun putting grapes on a spoon and playing with them instead of eating them so she had the idea to get him a tea spoon and some of her play tea cups so he could use the marbles in the same way.  

I just love that the children are not sitting in school right now on this beautiful day doing a work sheet or sitting in class.  Instead, they are exploring their creativity and problem solving skills with a pool noodle and some marbles!

Emmett even built an elaborate ramp system for the marbles which included some painter's tape, funnels and other items from the garage.  Through this activity, the children investigated scientific concepts including the laws of motion and centrifugal force.

I got the ice cube tray and container for John so he would leave his big brother alone and stay out of the way. 

Having fun watching the marbles roll.

So get creative and do some quick, fun activities that will keep your children entertained all day!  

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