Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Father's Day Interview

It's Father's Day year round for us!

Happy Pinkie Day AND Happy Father's Day!!! 

Well, the cake below is not for Father's Day.  It is for my birthday, which was this past Monday. :) Lest you doubt that I have forgotten that it is, in fact, all about ME!!  Our friend, Nancy, made it for me and brought it over and everyone sang.  AND I actually got to eat off of our special plate! It is a tradition established by George when we were first married.  He bought the plate and said we should all eat our birthday cake off of it.  However, me being the mom who makes all the cakes, I don't usually participate in this tradition!  I boycotted making myself a birthday cake this year.  


After the birthday fun in the morning, it was time for George to go back to work. :(  I hated him leaving on my birthday but was glad he would at least be there for some of it.  I captured these adorable pictures of John saying goodbye to him.  

We spent the whole weekend with no van so we had to go to mass in shifts and we hung around at home.  It was great to have an excuse to actually not go anywhere. The weekend before was SO busy with parties and such that it was nice to stay home.  

Now to today...

I did a little Father's Day interview with Emmett and Carmen.  It is quite adorable to get these candid, honest, and heartfelt thoughts from children!   

You will notice in Emmett's that he answers "Daddy makes me feel..... sort of happy."  Don't be alarmed!  He explained that he was thinking about doing work with Daddy in the yard and he ends up looking like a "sweat bomb" and he only sort of likes doing work in the yard.  Oh my, too cute.  If there is one thing George teaches them, it is the value of hard work and industriousness.  By the way, I just looked up "industriousness", and it is actually a word.  Phew.  It is also cute that Emmett thinks he works at the UVA hospital instead of VA hospital.  

So happy Father's Day to all you father's out there.  Hope you get some time this weekend to enjoy your children and appreciate all the blessings life has to offer through the eyes of children.  

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