Thursday, December 4, 2014

A day in the life...

Well, had to take a moment to jot a blog post down real quick.  Two funny things happened today...

1.  Emmett is a hysterical student sometimes.  I am honored to know him.  We were working on his science and it was all about stimulus and response.  Indeed he understands, we can move on.  Here is the evidence in number 4...
BWAAHAAA!!!  I love this.  He looked at me and said, 'why yes, Mommy, they DO run like hell."
 For the record, the only reason I was able to sneak a picture was because he dropped his pencil at the opportune moment and I snapped the shot.

We talked a little bit about the word "hell" (lol)  and after explaining about how it is a pretty serious word that we don't use in everyday language, he changed his answer to...
Yes, the double consonant rule before -ing is NOT sticking in his head.  Wait, come to think of it, how does he know to double the "l" at the end of hell?  oh my
 2.  Does John like Extreme Sour candy?  Took a little video of him to see his reaction to the sour candy.  It didn't disappoint.  However, I am surprised the thing didn't even make it all the way into his mouth!  That is one potent piece of candy.

Oh and  one more thing from today, can you guess what this
is? Pork chops? Nope, homemade apple dumplings from scratch.
Pilar helped me make them.  Not so pretty, but smell divine. 
Oh and this is what I looked like today after trimming my own hair by watching Youtube videos.  (Sorry MerylLee!)  I looked semi normal after having a very emotional and busy day today! 

Woke up at 7 am to the Orion spacecraft launch on NASA TV (This is a screen shot from my phone)  Soooo fascinating! I LOVE teaching the children at home so we can enjoy this REAL LIFE learning together.  

Until next time.... enjoy a few pics from tree decorating last night.  :)

So maybe that was more than two things that I wanted to share...I believe it would be impossible for me to ONLY share 2 things from a random day in my life.  Is that good or bad?

HEll, you decide.  oops!  I mean, heck, you decide.  ;)  Oh Emmett, you are a bad influence on me!

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