Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Back to School" for me on Tuesday

I'm  paying attention to the "teacher" part of my blog name, From Teacher to Mom.  I am taking an online class with University of Phoenix (UOP) starting Monday in order to keep my teaching license current.  Wish me luck!

I am looking forward to getting back into the game.  The class is called School Law for Educators and it is one of the first in the series of classes about administration.  Since my master's classes were all about curriculum and instruction, I am really excited about starting some classes in administration.

I am completing an orientation workshop right now in order to familiarize myself with the online learning classroom environment.  Well, actually that is not entirely true since I am blogging right now, but you get the idea.  It is hard to believe that it was 8 years ago that I received my master's degree from UOP.  Emmett was a baby when I started!  I remember being in New Hampshire with him for three months (while George worked a travel contract near Manchester).  I would work on my class while Emmett gurgled and cooed in his bouncy seat.  Just Emmett and me while George was at work.  I loved that apartment.  I loved that time.

And now that time is over.

Fast forward to present day and I now have three biological children, a foster daughter, and a home.  I am homeschooling my children and keeping up the house house while George is working away from home during the week.  Wow.

Soooo...I am a bit nervous about starting this class on Monday!  In order to help, I think I will sign myself up for  Ah, that would be awesome.  Every night, someone can bring a meal to our house while I work on a paper.

Well, nevermind.

While that would be extremely helpful, I would still have to listen to some of my children complain about the food and then I would have to follow through with all the picky eater SuperNanny YouTube videos I have been watching.  We are making so much progress!

I know a couple of other non-existent websites similar to that would also be helpful while I work on my class:

Seriously though, I just noticed that the last weekend of my class is the weekend of Emmett's birthday party and Carmen's dance competition.  ugh.  I will have to do some serious planning in order to have that all flow smoothly.  Or some serious counseling to get me through it. 

I know what I'll do.  I'll lift all screen rules in our household for the next 6 weeks.  That way, I can work on my class whenever I need to while the children stare mindlessly at Netflix and the Wii.  Maybe I could use their comatose-like stare and their bodily reaction to so much screen time in one of my papers for my class.  At the moment, we are watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs while I complete this blog post and my orientation workshop for my class.  Ha!

So yes, this is just one graduate level class.  It is not like I am going back to school full time.  But it is enough of a "thing" for me to blog about.  To all you professional stay-home-moms, keep trucking, (or minivan-ing) and embrace it all!  Take Them a Meal or not, it will all get done and my children will still be snuggled in their beds feeling safe and happy at night.  Well, unless Mommy doesn't...Aw, class or teaching license is more important than the time I spend with my children...which is why I am ending this blog post now. 

Here is a little collage of Carmen and John.  He is really growing so much, he looked so tall next to Carmen that I had to take some pictures. 

Here is the amazing Dad reading to them with one shoe on getting ready to leave for Richmond for the week for work.  He is such a good dad that he stops in the middle of putting his shoes on to read to his children. 

This picture is from today from John's first dentist appointment.  John is a bad boy and made me look like a bad mom.  I'm being overly dramatic, but the point is he only sat in the dentist's chair for this second.  He never did let Dr. Wilson look at his teeth.  Ah, the perils of a third child.  I never read him books about the dentist and I never prepared him like I did the other two.  Hence, not even the funny sunglasses could keep him in that chair. 

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