Friday, January 16, 2015

Finally...After 2 Long Weeks...It's Pinkie Day!

You can find the story of Pinkie Day here, in case you are just joining us. 

Also, before I get to the post, I want to thank everyone who has been so wonderful in responding to my very sensitive and personal post about my car accident.  It means to much to me to have such positive feedback and to know I have helped others in some small way by sharing my experience with PTSD and trauma.  Part 2 of that post is coming soon...

And now for today's Pinkie Day post...

The excitement is building.  I am happy.  I am hopeful.  I will be complete in a few hours.  My husband is coming home!!!!

I haven't seen George in 2 weeks.  Last weekend we were all sick so no Pinkie Day.  We were going to go to Richmond to see him on Sunday, but we were all too sick, including George.

So this week, I have been:
  • getting kids to appointments
  • taking care of runny noses and fevers
  • keeping up with the house
  • blogging
  • feeding the family
  • grocery shopping
  • homeschooling and 
  • beginning my own continuing education online class in administration in order to renew my Virginia teaching license.  

This week has challenged me.  I have started the online class and I basically imploded.  I didn't think I could do it.  However, after help from my sister and from University of Phoenix student services counselor, I finished my first paper and I got over my writer's block.  Phew. 

I even got Emmett signed up for the wrestling team at the last minute.  He is so happy.  He loves it! And what a wonderful outlet and energy release for these cold, dark winter nights.  

So this week's post isn't an episode from the children.  It is all about me.  :) 

Have a great weekend, everyone!  

Well, I don't know why I am so happy.  This weekend will be so busy that I will hardly see George. :(  When you live apart, sometimes you have to just tag team and help each other out with the kids.  I have my CPR/First Aid certification training renewal class tomorrow for 4 hours!  I have three more papers to write and we have some commitments with family and friends this weekend, plus church and CCD.  Sigh and then Monday morning will be here again and he will head out to work for the week. 

Oh wait! George has Monday off for the holiday!  Oh wait!  But we have a foster care related meeting here at the house on Monday.  Serenity now!!!  

January is not my friend so far....

February, you better be kinder...

Emmett likes wrestling so much he wrote it in the salt on the door of a van in the grocery store parking lot.  Oh wait, just kidding. that is our van in our driveway. 

His audience for the first practice.  I was watching my friends two girls, as well.

First practice

This is Emmett in the orange shirt warming up with his team . He did not compete since he just joined, but he watched and got a lot out of it. 


We even found some time for some Costco eatery glamour shots. 


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