Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Finally blogging about curriculum!!! I'm so flippin' excited!!!

It's happening.  Ia m actually blogging about curriculum.  I am ready to share my secrets, my professional experience, my love for teaching and all things curriculum and instruction.

I can blog about more than just my white hair.  I can and I'll prove it!

If you haven't noticed, I have begun a "LIVE Lesson" video series on my Facebook Page.  In order to introduce that, I am giving some info here on my blog page.

My goal is for you to see a real homeschool live lesson in real life!  It will be fun!  I am so excited!!

Image result for sue from SNL
This is Sue from Saturday Night Live.  She is my alter ego.
So seriously, countless homeschool families have so much good going on in their homes that we rarely get to see.  My goal is to give you an inside look into educating at home.  I will be giving tips and advice, pointers and ideas about how to work with your own children and families.

Remember, the LIVE lessons will give you valuable insight from a licensed, veteran teacher.  This is cool.  This is the reality.  This is the internet at it's best.... I think.

Also, you must not forget humor.  Humor will exist and it will be funny.

In addition to all these reasons for going LIVE, I want to show that real quality learning can happen at home and real thriving can take place in a supportive, fun and loving family environment.

Below are pics of just a few of my curriculum secrets that I love to incorporate into our day.  The live lessons on my Facebook Page will include many of these books.

I will go into further detail and review about these books as the year goes on.

Until then, hop over to From Teacher to Mom Facebook Page to check out the LIVE lessons and curriculum fun!

Teaching Textbooks

All About Reading

Story of the World

Spectrum Vocabulary

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Good Ol' Fashioned Grammar and Editing

Touch Math


Greek Mythology


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