Saturday, January 18, 2014

Not a Week for the Weak

What a week we have had!  The children were thrilled to be able to see Daddy every day this week, even if it was for a short time.  The saga of the truck troubles (or should I say "Troublesome Trucks", of Thomas the Tank Engine fame) has finally come to a conclusion!  We went to pick it up from the shop on Tuesday and the poor mechanic went to start it for him and, low and behold, the thing was dead.  It took a couple of more days and we picked it up yesterday and now it is purring like a can dream, anyway!

I have decided to organize the Pinkie Day videos by episode.  I think this system will work nicely since the videos are on the same theme every week.  The children are having so much fun sharing with you!

Since I am utterly exhausted from living in a small apartment all week with two grown college VMI buddies (my husband and his roommate) and three children, I will make this post short!  Let's see, what else am I exhausted from? Mothers, can you relate? :)

Here goes...

  • Going to the Chik Fil A hamster cage...oh...I mean, play area! 
  • Going to the McDonald's play area 
  • Going to the library
  • Going to a different library
  • Chasing John at the library
  • Chasing John at a different library
  • Chasing John at Mother Goose time at the library
  • Chasing John down the street on our walk
  • Teaching school to Emmett and Carmen
  • Going to pick up the truck
  • Going to pick up the truck again
  • Going to have school at Panera Bread with Carmen
  • Watching Star Wars Episodes 5 and 6 
  • Falling asleep during Star Wars Episodes 5 and 6
Have you gotten the idea? Small apartment, BIG outings! 

Yes, I must admit that it was a Pinkie Day extravaganza all week!  But, oh, to see the happiness on my children's faces to know we are near makes it all worth it.

Here are your short and sweet Pinkie Day videos for this week.  If you only watch one, please watch John's.  His face is priceless when I mention Daddy's name...

The children and I had so much fun playing at the playground after story time today.
John's first time the spinny thing, a playground favorite.  Ugh, if they had this thing when I was growing up, then I might have just gotten sick every time I visited the park!

And here is a perfect ending to our week.

Now on to the next two whole days of adventures with DADDY!  Oh, and maybe a break for this Pinkie Day mom?  

Hope you all get some time with your families this weekend! 

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