Saturday, February 1, 2014

Goodbye January!

One housekeeping note before I can subscribe to our blog by email now.  Just type in your address over there on the right!  Hope to see you back here again.  Posts typically come out once a week on Saturday, which is Pinkie Day.

Another month down! We hope you all had a productive start to the new year and continue to be blessed in 2014.

We had some positive news about George's job last week.  We are thrilled to have some good news, anyway, even though it doesn't mean George will get to stop traveling.  We are just so happy that he has a good job and doesn't dread going to work every day.  Like I said last week, things can change so fast... for good or for bad.  Thankfully we had a change for the good this week.  Prayer played a huge roll in that so I will continue to hope!

What a fun time we had with Daddy last weekend.  We made the most of the one full day we had.  I love spending time with George and John while Emmett and Carmen are at religious education class.  It reminds me of when we had only Emmett and now Emmett will be 7 years old this month!

Daddy, Emmett and John bonded over watching Star Wars while the girls hauled firewood up to the garage.  Anything wrong with that picture?  Nope.  I got my exercise in and I am so glad George could relax and spend time with his boys.  I can't imagine how tired he must be working six days a week and then traveling home to be with family for one day.

Carmen did catch the end of Return of the Jedi and when Darth Vader removed his mask, she wasn't even grossed out. I, on the other hand, winced.  I was expecting to see James Earl Jones under there doing a Sprint commercial.

This Pinkie Day please enjoy Episode 7 where Carmen tells of our "baking" adventure for Daddy even though they are actually NO bake cookies. :)  I must add that Emmett helped, too.  He stirred.


Enjoy your family time this weekend and if you are really busy, then slow down and savor one or two of those moments you have together.


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