Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Homeschool Day: When Does It End!?

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So without further ado, here's my little ditty for today...

Ah...January is almost over.  Long days indoors, crazy weather patterns, and dark evenings are just not fun sometimes.  

However, we have been living at the library and we love it.  It is a great way to break those winter blues and get out of the house.  They have great programs for young children!  I'll admit that the songs, finger plays, egg shaker dances and first time parents hovering over their babies can get a bit overwhelming and well.... downright freaky at times......but it's about the children, right?   Carmen and John just loved, loved, loved the "Swing and Sway" program on Monday.  They danced and shook and sang and had a blast.  Emmett even found a nice place to get some independent work done and he did a great job!

Because of the days being so long and monotonous, it led me to wonder when the home school day actually ends.  It has been very hard for me to get used to this concept of being home and still "working" as a teacher.  My students never leave!  This is in stark contrast, of course, to my days before having children and working in schools with a scheduled day.  The bell rings and the children go home.   Not so in the home school.  I USED to go home after school to my cozy basement apartment, eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's, watch TV and fall asleep.  Um, now...

Let's just say it's different. 

I have realized the home school day actually doesn't end!  There is so much learning that takes place around the clock that the regimented school time is only just a small portion of that.  

And really, I live in a HOME SCHOOL now!  Should I really expect any less?  The name says it all. 

So no matter what your actual schedule for the day is, know that your children are learning around the clock. Sometimes just knowing that can make for an even more productive time together as a family.  

Happy teaching!  

We love Life of Fred  math books.  Here are Emmett and Carmen doing their practice work after we read the chapter.
This picture is what made me realize the home school day doesn't end.  Emmett is enjoying a Magic Tree House book after his official school work ended for the day.  He is not filling out a reading log, reading out of obligation or for some external reward.  He is just enjoying a book in the sun room and relaxing.  It was also the only day this week we could really even have the sun room open and there was warm sunshine!  

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