Saturday, January 25, 2014

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

Happy Pinkie Day!!

Thank you, again, to everyone who has been so supportive of this blog.  We are so grateful that you take time to stop by.  We are looking forward to the day we find another family with young children who have to live apart from a parent so we can share the Pinkie Day concept with them and be their "Pinkie Day Pals".

In today's post, before this week's Pinkie Day Episode, I am going to reflect a little...  I am reminded of a Saturday Night Live skit... Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey...get's deep  :)

I know there is a resolution to our family living apart.  Granted, it may be several years, but we don't plan on doing it forever.   I won't accept that our family has to live like this.  Yes, I will accept that it is a necessity right now, for years to come, even.  I understand that. However, where there's a will, there's a way!

What I am saying is, no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in, whether desirable or not, it can all change in just one moment.  Take the nightmare of cancer, for instance.  One minute, you can know a perfectly healthy and vibrant individual.  Five months later, that individual is lost a battle to cancer.  This happened to a man I knew who worked at the same school as me many years ago.  I just found out today that he passed away from terrible brain cancer in only 5 months time at only 60 years of age.  All ll I think of is George not getting to see his family every day and working so hard every day for his family.  What a blessing it is to be healthy.  What a shame it would be to live apart for so long and then one of us get sick or have some other tragedy.

 I am praying every day that our situation will change somehow.  It is only when we become doormats that things don't happen for us!  I know we have it good.  There are many ways in which the situation could be worse.  But tell that to a 1, 5 and 6 year old who miss their daddy.  Nothing could be worse in their eyes!  And that is why I have hope.

This Pinkie Day blog is one way to not be a doormat and just let a situation happen.  It is a way to bring about joy in my children and to keep spirits up during a very undesirable situation.

Last night before bed, Carmen was sitting on her bed with a sullen look on her face.  I asked, "What are you thinking about?"  She said, "I wish Pinkie Day was today and that I didn't have to sleep til Pinkie Day."  Seeing her love for Daddy come through is a joy to witness.  It is a celebration of family no matter what.  I held her hand and I said, "We're Daddy's girls, huh?"  And she smiled and fell asleep soundly.  These are special moments!

It is hard the next few weekends because George is working this and the next 2 Saturdays.  I have arranged a play date for the children today to keep them distracted while they wait for Daddy to come home.  They will love it!

For our Pinkie Day Pals, here is Emmett in Pinkie Day, Episode 6:

Happy Pinkie Day, everyone!  Have a great weekend with your families.

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