Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Speak to Me! (Part 3)

Speak to Me (Part 1)
Speak to Me (Part 2)

Here is a video I took of John yesterday.  First of all, "video-ing" the third child looks a lot different than "video-ing" the first child.  For example, as you can see in this video, I am laying on the couch.  I mustered up all the energy I could to get my phone camera working.  It took a lot of energy to shake my wrist twice so the camera would pop up in an instant.  In contrast, with the first child, I was was on the floor, playing and being super energetic!

Anyway, as you can also see in the video, John doesn't look any worse for the wear.  :)

Again, I am so fascinated by his speech development.  I was just looking at the other posts about his speech development and I am so happy to have those videos.  The last post in February was when John started moving his tongue back and forth and making sounds.

Now, two months later, he is saying more words and mimicking a lot more.  He especially copies EVERYTHING his sister, Carmen, does and says!  Notice in the beginning of the video, when he is standing at the train table, he looks up when his sister asks me about spelling a word.  She is making an Easter card for her grandpa and she is asking about the "H" in "Happy Easter".  John looks up and it is evident that he is processing and paying attention to what she is asking me.  And then when he comes over and climbs in my lap, you can hear him mimicking his sister.  He is saying some letters.  It is so neat to watch.  It really shows the power of your surroundings in the learning process.

I also said in my last post that John may be stringing 2 words together soon and so far he has a few phrases under his belt!  They are...

  • "Uh oh, baby"  (he said that once, last month, when Carmen's baby fell on the floor when he was playing with it)
  • "Thank you, Mom"  (yes, he actually said that yesterday when I put his lunch in front of him, there were witnesses!)
  • "Thank you"  (he says "thank you" when you hand him something.  Well, especially when you hand him something he WANTS)  
Below is the video.  John also says "Choo choo" for his trains.  Emmett used to do that. My, time flies.

We are getting ready for spring break to start tomorrow.  We are preparing for the end of the year review.  We are organizing and cleaning up.  We are gardening and learning about soil, plants and the seasons.  We are getting ready for Emmett to take his standardized test in May.  It is almost Easter!  Happy to Easter to you all.  We will be somber the next few days as we remember the Lord's passion and death.  And then on to the resurrection and new life in us all!  Thank you, Lord!

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