Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pinkie Day weekend April 26

I have been learning how to use Blogger since I got my new phone in March.  It is so confusing! I think my pictures are in 20 places on the Internet now!  From Picasa to Google + to my regular storage on my phone and my laptop.  Just getting this collage in this blog post was quite a feat!  So please appreciate Carmen's Pinkie Day gifts to Daddy this week.  She has a book from the library that shows you how to draw Dora.  She did a great job!  

We had a wonderful Pinkie Day weekend.  We are enjoying the fire brick oven that George made a few weeks ago.  We have made pizzas in it every time he is home.  He makes the sourdough crust from his sourdough starter he has on hand.  He uses nice and healthy whole grains, as well.  Everyone LOVES it.  This past weekend, we had two of his college buddies over after the race in Waynesboro.  We had a great time visiting and relaxing all day and right on into the evening since Howard and Jenny came over, too!  

George made this chicken in the fire brick oven!  We also made a chocolate and marshmallow pizza. :)  

George, Rufus, and Doug

Emmett and Carmen made a mini golf course on the driveway!

We had such a great weekend at home.  The children played and played and spent time together.  We had nowhere to be and no activities to tie us down.  The children were able to have free play time and be creative while the adults visited!  It was a great time.  

We all waited for Emmett while he made a banner for his upcoming 1st Holy Communion Day.

This girl loves her daddy. 
Emmett is making his banner for Banner Day.  All the children in the diocese make a banner to remember this special day.

Emmett was so focused on doing it and so serious about it that he didn't want us to look until it was all done.  

So happy that spring has arrived at our house.  I LOVE our dogwood tree.  I just had to take a picture of it in full bloom.

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