Thursday, May 1, 2014

Latest Petty Adventures

And so it is the first day of May!  School is winding down and we are almost finished with our year.  It is so bizarre when you are homeschooling and used to teaching in a public school with a regular school calendar and so many people affected by scheduling decisions!  I still can not get used to the flexibility of my daily life.  It is a blessing AND a curse!

On the one hand, I am so happy to have the flexibility and on the other hand I wish it was more planned out for me so I wouldn't be so overwhelmed with all the possibilities of our day.  Haha, for example, this is what it looks like when I blog and Emmett does his grammar. Oh, and Carmen just came running inside with her Polly Pocket cars with John hot on her tail to get them from her.  Crisis averted in 20 seconds and all are playing well again.  Phew, back to ignoring them.  ;)

We have had an amazing school year.  When it comes down to it, I LOVE the flexibility and the all the adventures we can have while not being tied down to sports schedules, awards ceremonies, school programs and the like.  I love to see them develop a love of reading.  It is also equally amazing to watch their creativity soar.

We just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Our third Roald Dahl book this year.  What a pleasure it has been experiencing this author's imagination with my children.  What laughs we have had!

Last week we spent two nights at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos with two of my sisters.  We had a wonderful visit and the cousins from Virginia and Vermont got to know each other really well!  In fact, yesterday Emmett and Carmen skyped with their cousins in Vermont.  What a great way to use the computer!

Below is a little collage I made with a new app on my phone.  I am experimenting with all different ways to get my pictures on Blogger. We had doctor's appointments yesterday for John and Carmen so I chose two pictures from the appointment to put in the collage. Emmett came along and was a great moral support.  He also did his schoolwork in the waiting room.  John had a clean bill of health! He did great (once he stopped screaming when we left the waiting room and went back to the even smaller examination room).  He peed in the potty to give a urine sample! Big boy!  Yes, he is potty training now.  I was determined to wait until he was three but he had other plans.  We shall see if this is just a phase or not.  The little guy can't even pull his own pants up and down, I can't imagine this is the real deal!

As for Carmen, she had her first blood draw.  She was amazing!  She didn't cry one bit or even flinch.  I am so proud of her.  The picture below doesn't show the needle in her arm, but she watched that, too!  I think it really helped her when she saw me have blood drawn a few months ago.  She knew it wasn't scary or anything and I prepared her for it.  Hopefully the test will come back normal.  She has had chronic sore throat for a few months.  It may just be allergies but the doctor wanted to check for mono.

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So we have had some great adventures as the spring kicks into high gear.  Easter was wonderful.  The children loved the magic show and Easter egg hunt at the P. Buckley Moss museum.  We have done that several years and it is always a hit.  Last year, we were in Richmond for Easter, though.  We were happy to be home this year.  Emmett and Carmen went to the whole Easter Triduum at church.  Holy Thursday and Good Friday with Mommy and Easter Vigil with Daddy.  They did a great job and they learned so much and they really grew in their faith.  It is so neat to watch them grow up and to watch them to slowly develop a more mature faith in God. 

Onward to the final days of the school year....

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