Sunday, May 4, 2014

May Crowning

May Crowning
St. Francis Catholic Church
Staunton, VA
May 4, 2014
1st Communion Class

What a special day for Emmett!

He is getting closer to his First Holy Communion, which is in 2 weeks from today.  He has really grown into quite a young man this year. 

Here is the front and back page of the program.  The devotion was held after the 8:30 am mass.  This is such a special way to honor the Blessed Mother in her special month of May.  I remember being a part of the May Crowning every year when I was a child.  It is so nice to watch my children make new memories and share in traditions.

Here is a video of the children walking up and putting a carnation in the vase in front of the Blessed Mother's statue.  Please pardon the poor video skills as I was holding John the whole time!

The children each said a part of the litany to the Blessed Mother and they sang a song called, "Jesus Fill My Heart".  This is the same song he will be singing at his First Communion Mass in two weeks. 

Below is John saying "Cheese!" in front our statue of Mary in the courtyard at our church.  He was a very good boy today.  Not only did he have to sit all through mass, but he STAYED in church for the May Crowning devotions, too.  Emmett was in the front pew with his class and when we went up to communion, John saw his big brother and started pointing, smiling and laughing.  It was so sweet!  Emmett gave John a little wave as we went by.

Here is Emmett with his class, Fr. Joe, Deacon Jim, and all his teachers who made today (and this whole year of faith formation) possible.  

Carmen was a real trooper, as well.  She wants so badly to do everything her big brother does.  She is being very patient!  I wanted to get a picture of all three children together, but that didn't happen.  

This mommy is very emotional as the time draws nearer to to First Communion.  I told Emmett a few weeks ago that when I was pregnant with him and received our Lord in Communion that I would wonder if just a little bit of the sacrament was shared with him.  :)  Now that I have watched him grow and make up his own mind about the Eucharist, I told him it is so special for me to be able to watch him actually receive this beautiful sacrament first hand!  

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