Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Riverfest Fun (and a tribute to the beloved food truck)

This past Saturday, we went to Riverfest in Waynesboro, our good ole home town. 

It is always a hit with the children.  

Most certainly, it is a hit for me because I am a fan of the food truck.  If there is a food truck in sight, my mouth starts watering and the pleasure centers in my brain begin to awaken.  Earlier in the day, when I started thinking about going to Riverfest, I immediately started thinking of what food trucks would be there...just waiting for me to arrive.  

The time came and I rushed everyone out the door to get in the van to head down to the food trucks, I mean, Riverfest.  I made sure my blood sugar was so low that by the time I hit the kettle corn table, I would perk right up.  

Well, a sad thing happened.  I basically saw myself in a mirror when I was standing under the big tent of vendors while Carmen and Emmett were getting their faces painted.  What I saw was a very large woman holding a bag of kettle corn a few feet from me.  She was just standing there shoving the kettle corn in her face one handful after another tasty handful.  Hence, looking in a mirror.  I realized I was just standing there doing the exact same thing. ugh  Well, I don't have anything more to say about that. I am getting too depressed.  On to the children! 

Just for the record, though, here is what I turned down...
  • snow cones
  • bbq
  • chips and fries
  • Mexican yummy food
  • funnel cakes
Here is what I ate...
  • kettle corn
  • half a piece of pizza
Not bad, right?  

No, it's bad.

So completely aside from my food truck eating problems...

Emmett, Carmen and John had a great time!  In addition to face painting, they river walked, played corn hole, colored, fished, and played games.  

It was also so great to have our wonderful friend, Meryl Lee, join us for Riverfest.  In fact, we had a great weekend spending time with her!  There is nothing like spending time with friends and making memories.

Trying to catch fish in the river.  John had fun finding little pebbles and tossing them in one at a time and then throwing his arms up in the air and yelling, "YAY!"

I did manage to get a video of John making his trip to throw the pebble in the river.
Although, it wasn't the best one, because he only threw one arm up in the air to show his victory over throwing the pebble in the river. :)

Spiderman and butterfly.  I kept thinking when I looked at Emmett's face that that is what I feel like is on MY face every night when I go to bed.

Playing Pin the "whatever the bug is" on the flower. I can't remember the bug name, it looked like a dragonfly.

Carmen and Emmett just LOVE face painting! What kid doesn't?  

The best part of the day.  The rubber duck race!   I think this is just adorable and cute.  The kids love it.  Emmett and Carmen were watching at the finish line to see what duck came in first.  

The funniest part is that a real duck got caught up in the race, too.  The kids got a kick out of that. Aunt Meryl Lee asked Carmen if the yellow duck won, and she said, "yes".  Emmett said, "They are ALL yellow."  Too cute

So another successful Riverfest!  Ate too much and had a great time on a sunny Saturday!

Goodbye food trucks.

See you next year...

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