Tuesday, July 22, 2014

From Teacher to Tyrant! Work in the summer, WHAT??!!!

This is Emmett.  He is happy to be working on his Summer Bridge Activities book. 

Oh wait. Let me start again. 

This is Emmett.  He is LESS than thrilled about working on his Summer Bridge Activities book.  Below is a better picture to capture his feelings.   I took the first picture and he smiled.  But then he tried not to smile and said, "take the picture now because I am not going to smile because I hate doing school work." 

What a sense of humor that kid has!  hmmm... or does he?  


Below you will see the cover of the Summer Bridge Activities book.  I think I need to sue them for false advertising.  Look at Emmett's face in the above picture and then look at the faces of the children on the cover.  hmmm...

Are you seriously putting a picture of happy children in a swimming pool on the cover of a summer WORKBOOK??!!!  Talk about torture.  We are not AT the pool.  We are sweating in our house.  

Here is me (insert sing songy voice) when it is time to work, "Oh childreeen, it's time for your wooork.  By the way, don't pay any attention to those happy children in the swimming pool on the cover.  You have to actually OPEN the book and hold a pencil and write things down so you won't be as happy as them for at least the next 30 minutes.  Don't worry, though, it will all be over soon."  (sigh)  In no time, you will be back outside trying to break your record at hula hooping.  


Here is John's activity book that I purchased for a whopping $1.49 at the Green Valley Book Fair.  It is so cute.  John sits with me for about a total of 5 minutes and he points to things and names pictures and repeats after me and points.  It is great!  He is really moving along with his talking now!  As far as I am concerned, the perfect time to name some sounds.  Why not?  Speaking is sounds of the language strung together to make sense, right?  May as well break 'em down and have him practice moving that little tongue around to communicate better.  

Or on second thought....another talking Petty...not sure if that is such a good thing!

This is a sample page from the book.  It cracks me up that it has answers on the opposite page.  I mean, is there going to be another 2 year old correcting this who needs to see the actual answers? haha  You never know.  Like I said above, we sit together, point to things, name things and turn the page. 

Overall, I am pleased with the Summer Bridge Activities books.  The book does not just focus on academics.  There are character building exercises and physical fitness challenges, as well.  The fun facts are interesting, too.  

So have I gone from teacher to mom to a tyrant? Naaah...

For 30 minutes a day, I can think of worse things to be doing.  Here's hoping my children can, too. Well, there is always next summer. :)