Monday, July 28, 2014

"One dance camp"

                Hi, Carmen!!!


Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday.  It was the night before Carmen started dance at Valley Dance Theatre so we had a little photo shoot on our deck.  The picture on the left is the picture she made for her dance teacher.  I can't stand it! Look at that little ballerina picture!  Ok, I'm calm now.  Phew.

Here is a selfie of Carmen and me. :)

And here is Carmen this morning on her first day of dance camp!  

Here is Carmen in class.  I took pictures through the observation window.  I know, I am an overprotective helicopter parent stalker.  Naaa

I am so proud of Carmen.  Really, this girl is growing up. She just turned 6 on the 19th.  She has been taking private dance lessons right across the street from our house for almost 2 years now!  So her foray into the actual dance theatre is a very big deal.  She has been in love with dance since she was 4.  Paige (in the above pictures in front) has been her dance teacher, family friend, and babysitter for 2 years now.  Well, family friend for longer, but you know what I mean.  :)  

It is so special because this is Paige's last year at Valley Dance Theatre and Carmen's first.  I am so happy they can be there one year together!  

I have been known to jokingly ask Carmen, "So, is it dancing you love? Or is it Paige that you love?"  She always answers, "Both!"  Haha, I just asked her again right now and sure enough, she answered, "Both!"  Too cute. 

Here is a little interview I did with her after camp today:

What was your favorite part of camp today?  
What else did you like?   
snack.  I'm going to make a poster thing and I liked that part, too.
  What was the hardest part?  
Anything else you want to say?  
I liked driving back home with my new friend and Paige

So whether dancing becomes a lifelong passion for Carmen or just a passing interest, I am happy to be along for the ride.  

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