Thursday, January 29, 2015

"I get smacked down, but I get up again..."

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Emmett has his first wrestling meet last night.

He got absolutely pummeled.

He got smacked down.

He got eaten alive.

Brad Pitt and Fight Club were there.

It wasn't pretty.

When we pulled in our driveway after it was all over, I thought the guys from the other team were going to be waiting for us in our house to continue the beating.

When Carmen has her dance competition in February, I am a bit nervous that the boys will be there and rush the stage and take her down.

I noticed Emmett's lip was bleeding when we got home and I said, "Oh my, your lips are so chapped that they are bleeding."  He said matter-of-factly, "No, I just got punched in the face."

Today, he fondly referred to himself a "bruise dispenser".

Basically, if I could have been anywhere else in the world, I would have been there.  I was so afraid Emmett was going to get hurt.  Well, he did get hurt.  The very first match of the night, his opponent put his foot on the other side of his leg and took him down so his leg twisted.

That was it.  That's all she wrote.  Goodbye wrestling.  It was nice knowin' ya.   Emmett was a mess.  Cried and cried.  Every adult official in the place swarmed him.  They even brought the medical bag out.  I thought he would never walk again.  Well, before you think I am being over dramatic (which rarely happens, by the way)  there was this time when he was 4, he twisted his ankle and didn't walk for 2 weeks.  Seriously.  He didn't walk until Easter Sunday when he saw his sister collecting more Easter eggs than him.

That actually wasn't it!  He actually got back in the meet and finished it out.  I am so proud.  I couldn't be prouder.  He has come such a long way.  He may have gotten completely pummeled, but he didn't give up.  So yes...

He got smacked down...but he got up again.

Emmett has only been wrestling for 2 weeks.  He joined the team a month into the season.  The boys he was wrestling have been wrestling for 3 and 4 years already!  They can start as early as 4.

The best news is that one of Emmett's opponents was his friend Tristan.  We had no idea that Tristan was on the other team.  It was such a surprise! And he even ended up wrestling him a match.

The videos are indeed uploaded to You Tube and they remain private.  If you want to see the videos of Emmett getting pummeled, you will have to make a donation to a charity in his name and then I will be happy to unlock them for you.

Here, I will share the video of his very first time out when he twisted his leg. may want to turn the volume down as again, I do not disappoint with my frantic antics when it comes to my children facing the cruel world with me watching from the sidelines feeling helpless.

And I will share the video I took of him laying flat on the floor after one of his matches.

It really illustrates that there is no where to go but up from here, right??

Now remember, I am aware that it was a complete smack down.  But with Emmett only wrestling for 2 weeks in his whole life and then going up against these experienced kids AFTER getting hurt, I just couldn't be a prouder mom.

 Hey, how did John get in this post? Well, this was him the minute before we left for the meet.  Emmett wasn't the only one that lost last night.  I lost another battle with the 2 year old and the vegetables.  But how does the saying go?  "We may have lost the battle, but we will still win the war."
We shall see how practice goes tonight.  He has more meets in February with the season ending on March 1.

Ahhh..March 1st.  Just the sound of it makes me do cartwheels in my head.


  1. I remember when my boys were wrestling, Lorraine, and I would just hold my breath every moment they were out on the floor! But it is really so good for these little boys in growing them to be strong men....they learn how to take the punches in life (so to speak). I think it is actulaly harder for us tender mothers!

    1. Yes, I know you can relate! And for Emmett's meet tomorrow night, I will be holding my breath again. So proud of him! He is working hard and trying his best. You are so right in your comment above. Emmett is really blossoming from being on the wrestling team. Despite how hard it is to watch, I know it is beneficial for him. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. As Corbin comes closer to the end of his senior wrestling season I will say a prayer for you Lorraine. :-)

    1. Thanks so much, Malinda. :) It will be interesting to see if Emmett wants to keep this up. Congrats on Corbin's accomplishments, as well. And thanks for stopping by!