Monday, May 11, 2015

A More Pleasant Crescent- Move Over Pillsbury

OK, so I am really proud.  If you know me, you know I love to bake.  I love to bake rolls especially.  My family just loves when I am in the kitchen making something up from scratch for them to enjoy during a busy, filled day which always includes working up some sort of appetite.  Just this morning, for example, John waltzed into the kitchen and asked confidently, "Mommy, what are you making?" 

I love that!! He is only 2 and he sees me in the kitchen and knows I am making something homemade!  So cute!  The best is when he sees that I am making muffins in the morning..."Mommy, you making muffins?"  (When you read that, make your voice go up real high on the last syllable of "muffins") 

Lately, when I am in the grocery store, I think of all the items in there that are processed and packaged and have 50 ingredients that you can't even pronounce.  I made Pillsbury crescent rolls the other day for the children.  I was tired, hobbling through the grocery store (because my plantar fasciitis is still hurting me), and trying to think of something to feed my family.  I grabbed the Pillsbury.  So easy, right?  Just grab and go.  I can pop that can open wtih a spoon.  It is not rocket science.  Although, I stress when it is about to pop, I have to admit. 

Well, today I didn't need a spoon to pop open a can.  

I wanted to tackle the crescent roll recipe.  I have never thought to actually MAKE my own crescent rolls from scratch.  I have made cinnamon rolls, cinnamon bread, breadsticks, hamburger buns, biscuits, coffee cakes, orange rolls, sandwich bread...

Soooo, today I told myself I was going to look up a recipe to make my own crescent rolls from scratch.  The kids were so happy!  They love smelling the smells of the kitchen, helping with the ingredients, playing with the dough, learning about the yeast and maybe just maybe...knowing their mom is close by. :) 

That kind of thing doesn't come in a can.  

So without futher ado, let me introduce my homemade crescent rolls from scratch.  :) 

 They were a big hit.  Look at all of them snuggled in together like they are best friends. 

CLICK HERE for the recipe

And as an add on to this post, Mother's Day was great. It started with a coffee in bed prepared by my husband...

And an adorable greeting from my daughter.  

They gave me balloons, gifts and cards.  So sweet.  Well, Emmett was adorable.  He gave me a glass.  He says matter of factly, "Because you know I give you a glass every year."  so cute.  Apparently he has started a tradition.  

Getting to go to mass with my family all together, including my two teenagers, was the highlight of my day.

Even though yesterday was special, I think today was a better "Mother's Day" for me truly because it made me realize that every day is Mother's Day for me.  






  1. Yummy! Yummy! I think my taste buds would like to meet your best friends :) THey look delicious.

    I do hope your foot feels better soon!

    1. Thanks so much, Eileen! The kids loved them so much that I am making another batch today along with John's birthday cake. He is 3 today. :) Thanks for the kind words about my foot. Just now planning when the best time for surgery. My doctor has tried everything and we are heading that way at this point. ugh. But will be so happy to have a permanent fix for this ailment that I have had for years!

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