Thursday, May 14, 2015

Speak to Me! (Part 5)

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Happy Birthday, John!!!

He is 3 years old today.  What a wonderful day that was three years ago.  The third (and quickest) of my beautiful home birth experiences.  John has done nothing but brought us joy and laughter in these three years.  I always joke with people that he has always been like a little house pet.  When he learned to crawl, we would would just be sitting around and we would see him crawl right by us into the next room, much like a cat.  He was quiet, mild mannered, happy and low maintenance. I would often have to check for him to make sure was in the car because I was always afraid of leaving him somewhere because he was so quiet!

To see his personality come out is a joy.  I love hearing him talk, say, "I love you, Mom" and playing with his big brother and sister.  He loves Star Wars and Daniel Tiger (PBS show) so Carmen's suggestion was to put Daniel Tiger on his cake holding a light saber.  Inventive idea!  But one this mom is too tired to create.  :) I am attempting Daniel Tiger, though, later today.  The cake is cooling now.

So in honor of his birthday, I thought I would finally get another installment of his speech develoment series completed today!  How far he has come in his language development. Gone are the days of sounds and grunts and squeaks...

For example here is one of our favorites from February of 2014... John reads a book and has a high pitched squeal for each word...

And now this video was taken a few days ago just before turning 3.  He is practicing the "S" sound.  

Now, John, our new 3 year old speaks in full sentences and he is pretty easy to understand! Most of the time, anyway.  

Yesterday he told Daddy, "Daddy, my birthday coming up".  Today, he said in full, complete sentence, "Desiree, Mommy making muffins for my birthday."  

He's come a long way in 3 years.  Speech development is really the most fascinating to me!  

AW, here is John at birth, age 1, 2 and 3

And here are John's many faces on his 3rd birthday today. 

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