Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Speak to Me! (Part 4)

Speak to Me! (Part 1)
Speak to Me! (Part 2)
Speak to Me! (Part 3)

It is that time again!  Every couple of months, I have been stopping to really watch John's speech development.  As I have said in the other posts, I am so fascinated by speech and language.


This video is from June 26!  I am very behind.  That is obvious.   But I will post another video to show his progress.  It will be a good comparison.

Emmett and Carmen are so happy that John is talking now.  Here it is November already and he has come so far in four months.  He still mimics a lot, but he is putting more words together and he is more easily understood.

Emmett and Carmen love to say one word at a time for John to repeat.  It is so funny.  Tonight, for example, in the car on the way home, Emmett had John repeat a sentence about the construction site at Exit 91 where they are widening the road and building a bridge.  Emmett said one word at a time and repeated each one, having no idea what he was saying.

It sounded something like this... Emmett says the word and John repeats it...

There.  There.  Are. Are.  A. A.  Million. Million.  Cones.  Cones. Up.  Up. And. And. Down.  Down. The.   The. Road. Road.

Then Emmett says to me, "Mommy.  John just said, 'There are a million cones up and down the road'"  It was so cute.

Or Carmen will say, "John, say I (I),  Love (Love)  Carmen (Carmen)"
Then Carmen gets so excited and says, "Mommy, John said he loves me!"

Emmett and Carmen really get a kick out of it.  Wait til they get a load of all the things John will come up with on his own!  Right now it is limited to, "Take it!"  "Stop it!"  "My turn!"  "Emmeeettt!"  "Carmeeen!"  and "NO!!"

OK, not fair, here are some cute ones...

"Please"  "Thank you"  "Mommy, wake up"  "Big one"(after he kisses me really hard on each cheek, my favorite)  "Big stinky poopy!"  "Bye Bye, Poopy!"  "Train tracks!"  "Hi, Daddy"  "Booya!!"

Ah yes, John is really coming into his own now.   They all are, really, in one way or another.  Carmen absolutely LOVES her dance classes.  Emmett is getting ready to turn 8 in February.  Hard to believe.
So that is all I can think of to say right now.  I am so exhausted.  Maybe I should blog about Mommy's speech development throughout the day and what I sound like at night when I am so tired.  haha.

Have a good night and keep on talking!

Aw, here is big boy John today at our foster care family training  

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