Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Frozen Erupting Snow

Yes, I must say I KNOW what my children will love.  WELL, any child for that matter, who has seen the Frozen movie.  I saw this link on Facebook and decided to do it with them.  Finally, my huge, gigantic bag of baking soda from Costco has come in handy.  

You can find the link HERE to the tutorial.  Even though we did not get such great "twinkle" in the snow, it was still really fun!   We used about two tablespoons as suggested, but glitter basically absorbed into the mixture and slightly colored the "snow".  It didn't' matter once it started erupting, though!  

Vinegar, glitter, baking soda and shaving cream

They are not excited at all. :)  We even waited for Pilar to get home from school so she could join in the fun. 

Emmett had fun stirring.  He was the quickest to put his bare hands in.

John preferred the spoon for sure.  It was so cute.  He loved stirring.

Carmen joined in and they really had fun with the activity.  

This is the aftermath.  No children to be found.  Just mom cleaning up. :)

Overall, it was such a fun and easy activity.  We are learning about chemical reactions in school so it is perfect.  This activity is a great change up from the erupting volcano since it is the same concept with the vinegar and baking soda.

We also have an experiment going right now where we are observing a chemical reaction with some old pennies, a paper clip, salt and vinegar in a jar. It is so fascinating!  The copper from the pennies actually traded places with the metal on the paperclip and rusted it.   At least I think that is what happened anyway.  I have to go look at my notes...

Below is a video of the eruption. Don't blink, you may miss it!  You can also hear John's new phrase, "My turn!".

I love homeschooling.  I can do activities like this that my children may just remember forever, rather than having homework fights in the evening.  ALL our learning is "home work" and I love it!

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