Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First adventure of the summer...

Here we go.... June 8th and we are starting our summer adventures.  Testing is over.  School is over for my two amazing teenagers and my three little biologicals are so happy not to have to do school pick ups and drop offs of the teenagers for a while!  

We are headed to James Madison University Arboretum in Harrisonburg to hear a talk on the monarch butterfly, walk the grounds, and see a release of 3 dozen monarchs.  

Here are some pics....

Fun looking at turtles...

Love this guy.  The paper he is holding is just an activity sheet about butterflies but her treated it like it was a map.  He kept pointing to, looking at it seriously and then telling us which way to go.  So cute. We never told him the 

Carmen got one stuck on her.  I said it was so because she was so sweet that the monarch thought she had nectar on her. 

It was a great unofficial summer adventure for us.  Thank you to the the field trip group on Facebook for organizing it for us!  Especially to Michelle Lotts for heading it up.  

Hope your summer gets off to a good start! Here is to a healthy, happy and adventurous summer of family and fun!

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