Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Surgery news and other fun stuff...

OK, this is like totally funny.  My last post was June 8th and it was titled, "First Adventure of the Summer"
Um, the funny thing is that was the last you've heard from me.  Here is the situation...  We have been having so many summer adventures in real life that I have not had a moment, or even the energy to write about them.

So here is a little list of some of the summer adventures after the first one...

  • Swim lessons
  • Tennis camp
  • Vacation Church School
  • Carmen's 7th birthday party
  • Trip to Richmond for 4th of July weekend
  • Camp Fit at the Waynesboro Parks and Rec
  • Family Fiesta nights at Ridgeview Park
  • Swimming at Massanutten
  • Trip to Tennessee to see family and visit Great Grandfather in hospital
Perhaps the most painful thing to happen this summer (completely aside from and in a separate category altogether, from the fact that we almost lost George's 94 year old grandfather), is the reality that tomorrow is the day for my foot surgery to finally relieve my plantar fasciitis.  It also happens to be my sister's birthday, Happy Birthday, Beth!

It has been a journey of pain and annoyance on and off for 10 years now.  This past year, it has not let up but for a just a week or even a day at a time.  I have tried every intervention known to man regarding this common foot ailment in order to avoid surgery.  Nothing worked and tomorrow is the day. 

I am so grateful to my friends and family for the kindness and support shown to me through the years of foot pain.  Thank you for listening to me whine and say things like:

  • My foot, my dang foot.  I have plantar fasciitis in my foot.  It hurts to walk.
  • I'm tired from my dang foot.  I can't exercise like I want.  I can't run around with the kids.  I can't get out of the van in a parking lot without stressing about how far away the milk is in the grocery store.
  • I refuse to ride one of those scooters in Walmart.  I will NOT do it. 
  • I am so sorry, I feel like I am complaining about my foot all the time.
  • I have plantar fasciitis.
  • I'm having foot surgery. 
  • My foot hurts.
  • I slammed the car door on my ankle right where he is going to make one of the incisions.  I'm over this!
  • It hurts to walk.
So those are just a few examples of things I have said in the past ten years. Thank you again for listening.  (The second to last one in the bulleted list above, I said today, just so you know)

BUT... tomorrow is the day.  I am so happy to get this over with and to start healing once and for all.  I can't wait to be on the tennis courts next summer with Emmett.  I can't wait to not have that pain when I get out of bed in the morning and take those first few steps for the day. 

Recovery will be quite annoying and will last for months.  But I am so ready to start the healing process, though.  Prayers are appreciated and so is food, specifically Twizzlers and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. 

And yes, I will finally ride the scooter in Walmart. I am going to be the boss of that scooter.  I am going to ride all the way to the back of the store and grab a gallon of milk and put it in the basket like I own the place.  Then I am going to bump into peoples' ankles all the way up to the check out.  There will be no stopping me.  I'll probably even back up all the way through check out so the scooter beeps those backing up beeps.  It will be fun.  Yup, it will be fun.

Really, thanks again to everyone who has been so supportive and patient with me.  Wish me luck tomorrow and say a few prayers for me.  Thanks so much in advance.  If you don't leave a comment in the comments section and tell me you said a prayer for me, then I will assume you did not take time to do it.  Um, just kidding. 

Hope summer is treating you better than it is treating me.  The good news is, everything is temporary and if we had no idea what hardship is, how would we be able to even recognize the good stuff?

Here's to fighting our way through the hard times and being able to recognize that good stuff when it comes along.   


  1. Sure hope you can stop complaining about that dang foot!