Friday, September 25, 2015

Can a Mother be "out on disability"?

I can't be a mom and be on disability.  REALLY???  I can't do that.  It's like saying, oh, you need a take a couple weeks off WORK and rest your foot.  Well, I WORK in my home.  I take care of my children.  I'm a mom and I'm their teacher, too, so they are here ALL day. 

So can a mother really be out on disability? I guess so, but it is not fair to the family. :(  The kids are helping me so much.  I know they are supposed to help and do chores anyway, but I hate having them fetch me things!  I hate not being able to do everything.  Maybe this is good for me because I never knew what a control freak I was until I became a mother.  It is hard to let go of control!

I am on "disability" because I just went to my foot doctor this morning and he ordered me to take it easy for two weeks because I am having a nerve problem in my foot now as a result of overdoing it from my plantar fasciitis surgery.  At least it is not a bunion forming and my doctor said I would get over this.  I told him, "I'm not ready for bunions!"  Oh, the 40s have not been kind to me so far.  Hopefully I will even out here in the next couple of years and get my act together!

So the knee scooter has been resurrected. 


So I may or may not have overdone it...

For example, I may or may not have played tennis too soon.  I may or may not have walked over half mile to the metro yesterday in DC.  I may or may not have done too much in the kitchen. 

I have already heard like 4 friends and family say to me today, "Yeah, I was worried you were overdoing it."  UGH!  Could you guys have had an intervention or something? Maybe hired a live-in maid and cook? Or hired a nanny?

Never mind, I know I am an adult and I should know better.  OK, I'm not mad anymore. 

I am going to just keep blogging, ignoring my children and eating fudge grahams.

Sigh. Have a nice weekend.

Ugh, I'm out of fudge grahams.  Well, at least I can't get up and get more.

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