Saturday, September 19, 2015

Pinkie Day Episode 21- unedited

Whoa, my last Pinkie Day post was in March.  I have been posting some on the Facebook page so check me out over there!  The thing about celebrating Pinkie Day is that I am tired because I am basically a single parent and when Daddy gets home, lately I just crash and don't post!  Soooo, I am doing a quick post right now because here is what Pinkie Day consists of today...

  • Laying in bed and watching the Goldbergs while I wait for hubby to come home. 
  • Children laying in the living room watching How to Train Your Dragon while waiting for Daddy to come home.
  • Teenager laying in bed while waiting for Foster Dad to come home so I can go buy her some shoes :)  btw, I happily came out this morning to see a note from her ordering me to not clean the kitchen because she will be cleaning it when she gets up. :)  So I cleaned my bedroom, instead.
  • Daddy arrives at 1pm!  Nothing changes, except we eat Krispy Kreme Donuts
  • Now Daddy is laying on the couch while watching How to Train Your Dragon with the kids and snoring. 
  • zzzzzz....
What I am trying to say is that we are a normal family, trying to find our way in the world.  We may not be at all of the fall festivals in Virginia today or hiking on the beautiful Blue Ridge, be we know how to love donuts and sleep. 

Donuts and sleep bring us closer to each other somehow in some weird, twisted way. 

We are tired, sick, injured and grumpy. 

We are real. 

To elaborate, which I know you are hoping I will do....

I'm injured because my kitchen turned into a horror movie yesterday afternoon when I cut my finger on an electric mixer blade while pureeing pumpkin.  Not the brightest thing to do, I'll admit.  I mean, I thought to myself, I am not going to use this mixer, I am going to go back to using the Vitamix instead.  So I was getting the pumpkin out of the blade to scrape it into the measuring cup and I just happened to turn the thing on with my other hand.  yup.  Heard the sound, felt the burn and saw the blood fly.  That bloody pumpkin!!!


Just got this little ditty of John.  The last thing he said when it cut off was, "I like sleeping under here."

This is from Pinkie Day episode 20.  I don't think I ever posted it.

So taking a step back, throwing out a little post and wishing you all a great weekend! 
This is neat.  For school, I finally did this project.  It is a snowflake because we started The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where it is always winter and never Christmas.  So this is one of the projects from the study guide.  Boiling water mixed with borax.  Sat over night and this is what happened. NEAT!
The pumpkin, my arch nemesis this week.

John, my arch nemesis this week

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