Saturday, February 6, 2016

I'm not going to blog about...

I am not going to blog about Emmett and how he is going to be 9 years old and I just read a blog post from Scary Mommy's blog that I was in tears over because it was about her first born son turning 13 and all I thought about was how Emmett is going to be 9 and I feel him slipping away from me already...slipping away into the great big world that is his temporary home....

I am not going to blog about school and all my teaching methods I am using and what curriculum I am using this year.

I am not going to blog about my grocery budget and how happy I am that George and I are budgeting with YNAB and I have made so many improvements in household spending since last month.  For example, in this first week of February, I have cut my restaurant spending in half.  And I am ONLY getting groceries from Aldi this month as an experiment to see if I can cut my grocery spending, as well. 

I am not going to blog about how I am cleaning out my classroom in my home and getting rid of teaching materials and books that I have not used in ten years.  I won't say how emotional I am about starting a new chapter of home education as John approaches 4 and participates more in "school" now.

I am not going to blog about how I saw Star Wars tonight, FINALLY and LOVED it!  And the kids loved it and we all had a great time. 

I am not going to blog about how today is Pinkie Day and we love having Dad home and being together.

I am not going to blog about how George and I have Fit Bits and we are tracking all of our exercise, activity, food intake and sleep and that we love it. 

I am not going to blog about how I have passed the 6 month mark of surgery and  finally am getting active again for real and absolutely LOVE the feeling of getting out of bed in the morning and not dreading taking my first step.  I won't tell you how I can't use handicapped parking spaces anymore because my handicapped placard finally expired.

I won't blog about how it has been 3 years since we became foster parents and we are currently going through the process of renewing our foster care license.  I won't blog about how 3 years has flown by and I am amazed every day at the journey we find ourselves on in life. 

I won't blog about how I am I am experimenting in the kitchen and waffling everything from potatoes, to brownies, to hot Panini sandwiches to just plain toast.  By the time my children actually eat a real waffle again, they will be very confused, to say the least. 

This is my hot turkey and cheese sandwich cooked in the waffle iron.
This is from Just Dance 2016 to show me at the bottom because Emmett and Carmen beat me at one of the dances.

This is 3 of the children working out to their first kids workout on  They love it!! Thank you to Bonnie for turning us on to this!

This is just the view from my bed one day and I love this picture because it really shows off personalities and togetherness...

WOAH  These are the snow day donuts.  What a hit.  They were so yummy.

Happy Pinkie Day today.  I LOVE George's new coat.  He is so handsome in his new coat.

The above 2 pictures are what our bedroom looks like because I am in the middle of going through all my school books and teaching materials and paring down.  Um.  It has looked like this for a week basically.

This is the daily bread I make to feed the mouths of the 5 children who live here. :)

And there you have it.... All things that I won't be blogging about tonight.  I am sorry I have not been blogging.  I know you miss me.  I have a lot to say... 

Maybe I will blog again sometime.  But for now... Good night and God bless...

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