Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pinkie Day Episode 22

Pinkie Day Episode 21

My last Pinkie Day Episode was in September.  I just read it.  It is so funny!  You should click on the link above and read it.  You really should.  The content is highly uplifting.  I talk about donuts. 

Anyway, we are coming up on 4 years now that we have lived apart.  I can't believe it.  John will be 4 years old May 14th and then George will have been working in Richmond 4 years on July 1. 

Suffice it to say that our family truly enjoys our time together! 

Our weekends basically consist of George and I working together to give each other the breaks we need from all of our responsibilities as well as trying to spend time together and with the kids.  Sounds pretty impossible with not enough hours in the day, but the key to success at this is communicating and working together.  This time in our lives is fleeting, and we appreciate every day we have. 

Who knows what the future holds?  But no matter what happens with jobs, living situations, school and family life in general, we know we can count on each other.  And that makes every day 100% manageable. 

So if you have to live apart from your spouse or loved one, I hope you can make every day count, too.  Make every conversation you have polite and kind and work together to make the most of a less than desirable situation. 

As we head into spring and Easter, here is another Pinkie Day episode from Emmett's birthday on February 20.  It is set to some fun music and it really captures how happy the kids are when Daddy comes home. 

Hope you all have a wonderful start to spring and a joyous Easter! 

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