Sunday, May 22, 2016

An the top of my head

My husband is in Richmond this weekend working, so I am going to blog about my hair...

Let's get to the root of the problem.  

I have been coloring my hair for 22 years.  I want to see my actual hair.  I want to be free.  I want my brain to be occupied with deeper thoughts than the ones that only scratch the surface of my head.  The thoughts like:

  • I have to stop at Sally's and pick up my hair color
  • I have to color my roots
  • Dang it, Sally's is out of my hair color, why don't I ever buy more bottles than just one
  • I hate coloring my hair
  • What events do I have coming up that I need to NOT have roots showing for? 
  • It's been three weeks, I have to color my hair
So I hate these thoughts.  They basically ruled my life.  So I got to thinking.  What if I actually STOPPED coloring my hair?  And that was that, I was done.  

So far I have made it through a few occasions for family pictures and have smiled away while the silver streak glows atop my head...

So far as I have noticed, life is going on...

Seriously, I realized that I have a major self image problem.  I have actually been ashamed of my hair!  I have been embarrassed, uncomfortable, and depressed when I see the smallest hint of silver show up at the top of my forehead every three weeks.  

While I was contemplating all of this, I read a blog post by a woman who has three young children.  She blogged about shaving her head because she has cancer and her hair was going to fall out anyway.  Am I KIDDING??? Every three weeks I stress about what??  

I inherited white hair at a young age.  That's it.  Not a big deal.  

I am grateful to be healthy, to have a family, to have HAIR.  I don't care what color it is.  

Really.  I am relieved, I have gained perspective, I am free...

I am excited to see my hair for the first time in 22 years. it is....

Just so you know, it is not that white in the back.  Although, it is getting there.  

I am on a journey.  I am in my 40s.  I can think of better ways to occupy my thoughts.  I am me.  I am free.  

I am thankful to my hair stylist who I love!  She gives amazing hair cuts and great advice.  I used to be embarrassed to walk into a salon with my roots showing.  She has been giving me advice about what to do as it grows in.  She talked me out of a purple streak the other day when I went to her for a trim.  She did not make me feel bad about my natural color.  

Adela Salon is the name of the place, if you are local.  Check her out!  I highly recommend her.  You will not be disappointed.  I love, love, love the layers in my hair.  This is a link to her  FACEBOOK

Here is me hugging my daughter on her First Communion Day yesterday. Such a happy day.  I mean, just look those layers in my hair!  Noo, just kidding, Carmen was beautiful.  I am only showingAnd I made a step to actually be photographed the way I am.  OK, why am I thinking of the Elephant Man movie now?  I am NOT an ELEPHANT!!!  LOL

OK I am done with this blog post.  That is my big announcement.  I  will chronicle the growth of my natural hair color from the roots of my head.  Good times.

Be who you it...embrace it...God made you...He has numbered every single hair on your head...whatever color it may be!  

Lastly, a special thank you to everyone who has put up with my crazy sagas over the years.  The latest one being the clumsy navigation through this most cruel decade of my forties.  Thank you for your support and kindness about my hair and for all the ideas you have given me about growing it in.

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